The Best Hard Ciders For Summer Day Drinking

best hard ciders right now

With a full-blown boom going on, people are finally appreciating the joys of cider. This apple wine (no, it’s not a beer style) is the perfect summer day drink — light and super refreshing with just the right balance of sweet and dry. Pour some over a ice and it’s “kissing fingertips”-good. It’s often fermented with specialty yeasts, which give the apple juice either an almost champagne dryness or a subtly sweet and full-bodied fruit juice vibe (sometimes it’s a wonderful balance of the two). It also typically falls into the one to eight ABV range, which makes it very drinkable for an afternoon session, especially if you’re barbecuing in your backyard.

Whereas options used to be limited, these days there are cider choices for every palate. We’re going to just highlight the apple ciders here, even leaving pear aside since — technically — that’s “Perry,” not cider. They’re in no particular order, but they’re all ready for your summer day drinking endeavors.