Make Your Holidays Merry With The Best Christmas Hotels In The World

Uproxx / Arlberg1800

A few years ago, I spent the lead up to Christmas in Austrian Tyrol. It was the most Christmasy-holiday season I’d ever known. There were literal sleighs with literal bells that you could literally hear ringing. Open fires roared in every lodge. Real winter wonderland type sh*t.

That experience hooked me. It felt special and different from the holidays I’d known before — rewatching Christmas Vacation and eating way too many cookies (which also has a certain allure). Even the act of staying in a hotel during the winter season felt new. The inherent sensuality was still there, but with a new slant. The sexiness of a swimming pool had been replaced by spas. Breezy cocktails were swapped out for the sorts of hot ciders and mulled wines that left your face flush.

With holiday hype ramping up by the second, we’re running down the best Christmas hotels on earth. Check them out and book your tickets with a quickness. Don’t worry, Santa will find you. — Steve Bramucci, Travel Editor.