The Best ‘Juicy’ Beers For Summer Sipping

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Juice-forward beers make perfect summer refreshers. They’re also divisive AF — partly due to a simple confusion of terms. When most people in the U.S. talk about “juicy” beers, they’re generally speaking about hazy double IPAs or New England IPAs. To be fair, those beers can be hard to get into because of the massive hop bitterness (IBUs) delivered along with all that Hawaiian Punch juiciness. But just because some beer drinkers call one type of beer juicy it doesn’t mean that those are the only juicy beers on the market. A juicy taste is just one aspect of a beer’s overall flavor profile.

Fruit-infused lambics, gueuze, Berliner Weisse, American sours, and wild beers all have the potential to lean towards big fruity notes that can taste “juicier” than any NEIPA. Hell, even a hefeweizen can be full of citrus fruits and banana. Better instead to keep the definition of “juicy” beers broad. As with all things in the brewing world, there are exceptions to every rule. Even a Berliner Weisse steeped with pounds of fresh summer berries per gallon is going to be juicier than anything you find at your local neighborhood lemonade stand.

The ten beers below are perfect summer sippers if you’re looking for a beer that brings fresh fruit flavors and a nostalgia-inducing juice sensation to the mix. Some of the beers are classic DIPAs that coax their big fruit notes from the hops. Others are sour beers where funky yeasts and bacteria work with real, fresh fruits to create the ultimate juicy flavors. Overall, these are beers that’ll quench that summer thirst and make you feel like you’re sipping fruit juice straight from the fridge… except this stuff will get you buzzed.


Belgium’s Cantillon makes some of the best beer in the world. Beer lovers save for years to make the pilgrimage to their hallowed beer cellars in Brussels. Cantillon Fou’ Foune is a great, breezy summer sip. 18 to 20-month-old lambics are blended and steeped with Bergeron apricots from the Belgian countryside.

The beer has a beautiful orange body with clear barnyard sour notes that give way to a lush, ripe apricot sweet edge. Then it turns towards a pickle brine sweet umami fruitiness alongside more fruit like mango and hints of pineapple. Finally, there’s a tart dryness on the end leaving a super fresh feeling on your palate.

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