The Best Men’s Style Podcasts To Listen To Right Now


There aren’t a lot of podcasts that cater to style-savvy men, which is surprising because though the fashion world largely continues to market to women, there are a lot of streetwear and high fashion brands that excite male consumers. Hello, Supreme! Further, in a post-metrosexual world, there are plenty of dudes who are all about achieving an impressive aesthetic. If this weren’t true, beard oil wouldn’t be such a thriving business.

We love talking style, and we love podcasts. So, we worked to build a list of the best men’s style podcasts, and we chose a pretty varied bunch. It’s mostly streetwear discussion because we can’t get enough dope kicks and Supreme drops, but there’s also some basic style in here and some industry discussions. Scroll down and find your new fave fashion podcast. Pretty sure listening magically leads to a style glow up.


When Blamo! Launched in July 2016, it was one of the first podcasts down to explore men’s style. And, since then, it has remained one of the best — continuing to create great content with little competition. With over 70 episodes on iTunes, there’s a lot for the new listener to discover. You can jump in at any point, so keep an eye out for names and brands you already have an interest in. Then, follow up with new faces.

The show’s tagline is “Exploring Fashion with the People Who Shape It,” and that is completely accurate. Each week, menswear blogger Jeremey Kirkland hosts a different guest and asks them about their backstory, personal life, and career. Guests include athletes, actors, designers, editors, journalists, and influencers. Kirkland engages guests in discussions of their inner narrative, which allows listeners to see a different side of the work. If you like learning about the emotional content of design and the impact of that work, this is for you.

The Dropcast

It’s pretty common now for websites to have their own podcast, and this is one of the better offerings in that category. The Dropcast comes via the folks at High Snobiety and serves as both a wrap-up of popular headlines as well as an interview platform. One aspect of the show that is particularly fun is the Dropcast Hotline, which allows people to dial in with comments and feedback. That gives it a traditional radio show vibe that a lot of podcasts are missing. And the podcast listings include links to source material, so you can always explore a subject further if it piques your interest.

The hosts are generally some configuration of Noah Thomas, Jeff Carvalho, and Jian DeLeon. These men know their style — from runways to sneaker drops. So the information is there, but it’s also the camaraderie that makes listening fun. These people genuinely love the subject matter and dig on joking around with one another. It’s like grabbing a beer with some new friends. You just want to be cool enough to warrant their company.

The Sneak Diss Sneaker Podcast

Every Thursday morning, hypebeasts can tune in to a new episode of the Sneak Diss podcast, which focuses primarily on sneakers, but also spends time working through music, sports, fashion, and culture. Running between an hour-and-a-half and two hours, there is a lot of time for hosts George and Greg to work through things with depth. And they do. These are knowledgeable dudes with a lot of well-supported opinions.

Looking to learn more about releases and pickups? You are covered. Want to learn what the hosts think is fire and what they think is trash? Done and done. Legit, there isn’t a piece of sneaker news that matters that won’t be rehashed, and you don’t have to live and breathe kicks to get in on this. George and Greg present info like listeners are fam. Even people with limited sneaker knowledge can hop right into this show without doing any research. Plus, George enjoys Vans, and that is the content we crave.

The Sneaker Podcast

At the top of every episode, a woman’s voice announces, “Welcome to The Sneaker Podcast: a show where a bunch of guys sit around a table to talk life, lifestyle, music and all things sneakers. Turn it up and let’s go.” And that’s a pretty apt summary of the content. Canadians Mike D, Christopher Chu, Sean Collard, and Clo start by announcing what they wore on their feet that day, and it’s pretty cool. It sets up the other discussions wonderfully because the co-hosts clearly love each other’s company.

This is a podcast hosted by people who are totally passionate about the subject, so be prepared for total sneakerhead overload. But, that’s not a bad thing if the listener shares that enthusiasm. We do. We appreciate the breadth of their knowledge and are especially keen when they get philosophical as they occasionally do. It’s interesting to hear people within the culture talk about the sensation of winning when they score big and how that impacts their impression of life outside this small world.

Masculine Style

Masculine Style host Tanner Guzy knows what’s up. He learned early that clothing is a reflection of an individual, and adjusting your style changes the message that you transmit to those around you. On the Masculine Style website he notes, “On the most basic level, all men know that their clothing communicates who they are, what they think of themselves, and the respect they command (or fail to) from the world around them.” His goal is to help men dress in a way that properly communicates the correct messages. Episodes often discuss style and how to achieve a certain look, but there are interviews with prominent figures in the fashion world as well.