Feel Wild And Free At The Coolest Clothing-Optional Beaches On Earth


It’s late summer. It’s hot. The only thing that can soothe you is water (okay, and maybe beer). In addition to chugging the stuff by the gallon, you crave a way to be fully submerged in h2o. Lakes, rivers, swimming holes, rooftop hotel pools, waterparks, and beaches are likely to be packed ’til mid-September, but you’ve still gotta go.

Why? Because nothing beats the freedom of a swim in summer.

Fine, one thing beats it. A naked swim in summer. Yep, that’s some serious hippie sh*t. But it’s also a surefire way to feel alive and invigorated. A chance to give society and its rigid rules the finger while making awkward small talk with other naked strangers. Also, no tan lines. Best of all, seeing a lot of natural, naked flesh generally helps you to feel more comfortable with your own body. And, it costs absolutely nothing.

There really isn’t a single reason not to bare it all this summer on one of the planet’s most beautiful beaches. If you’re on board, here are the best places to visit.

Wreck Beach — Vancouver, British Columbia

Good luck finding a list of the best nude beaches that doesn’t include Wreck Beach. Firstly, it’s the oldest government-sanctioned, clothing-optional beach in Canada, so it has some historical cred. Secondly, it’s the largest beach of its kind in North America. And, thirdly, it’s an easy beach to access, which many of them for sure can’t boast. The three-mile stretch of gorgeous shore is a mere fifteen minutes from downtown Vancouver. Further, though you can only access the space by foot down a trail from the University of British Columbia, it’s not some perilous hike through brush or down the face of a cliff like you might find elsewhere.

One of the best features of Wreck Beach is a fun stretch of sand called Vendors Row where you can pick up refreshments, souvenirs, and the precious, precious sunscreen you need to keep burns at bay. Provided you aren’t opposed to buying tie-dye shirts and drinks from partially and fully naked individuals, it’s a good time.

Paradise Beach — Mykonos, Greece

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The Greek island Mykonos (yes, home to centuries of history and Lindsay Lohan’s hotel) has multiple beaches where guests are free to drop trou and lay out, but Paradise Beach is the most famous. It’s a total party beach with round the clock naked fun on offer. There are two solid oceanfront bars, live music, DJs, and rental sunbeds. The Tropicana Beach Bar even sends staff down to the sand for food and drink orders so you don’t have to get up and put on clothes to get a drink. When the sun goes down, Paradise Beach becomes a club with people dancing on the sand until the sun rises.