These Are The Waterparks That Won’t Make Grown Ups Want To Drown

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People generally treat theme parks and waterparks like they’re exclusively built and run for children and parents. But the adult fascinations with Disneyland and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter show that there are plenty of people looking to hit up an amusement park solely for their own enjoyment, kids be damned! (Not literally damned, don’t @ us.) Though the single, grown waterpark enthusiast isn’t quite as well known (and wrongly loathed) as the adult Disney-goer, they’re definitely out there and ready to hit some slides.

To help people get straight to slipping down waterslides of the man-made variety (we also stan for the natural ones), we collected ten waterparks that are actually just as fun for adults as they are for kids. You can still watch your skin pucker in the water, get drunk on the smell of chlorine, and feel your heartbeat increase when the wave pool buzzer sounds. On top of that, a lot of these places have adults-only hours, so you get all the fun you remember as a kid without there being… you know… kids.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park (Orlando, Florida)

By day, Typhoon Lagoon is a solid water park. It boasts North America’s largest wave pool, a raft ride that feels like a coaster, and a slide with a near-vertical five-story drop that you take in the dark of an enclosed tube. Plus, they offer surfing lessons. Point being: there’s plenty for grown people to do during a visit. And although we totally support you slapping on some sunscreen and braving the park under the summer sun, it’s even more fun to join in on a glow party at the park. Over 25 select summer nights between May 30 and August 24, 2019, Typhoon Lagoon holds H2O Glow Nights. Obviously, these events aren’t gonna be exactly like a foam party at a Vegas club, but you are going to get your fill of glowing elements like wristbands, backdrops, specialty rafts, and even an inflatable Partysaurus Rex.

A DJ-hosted dance party takes place on the sandy beach alongside the surf pool, and there’s a designated area for adult partygoers. The Warf is only for people over 21, and it offers specialty cocktails served with glowing ice cubes as well as glasses of champagne in light-up flutes. As far as water parks go, it really is hard to beat enjoying all the rides in a genuine party atmosphere.

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