Grow Your Palate At These Totally Unique Restaurants Across Six Continents

Getty Image/Unsplash

Expanding your palate is a lifelong journey. We have to experiment and challenge ourselves, to try new things, again and again, until we develop a taste for something or finally admit that those particular flavors just aren’t for us. For some of us, a hundred sips of scotch or fifty nibbles of blue cheese won’t change our minds. For others, once that amber liquid or funky, ripe cheese hits our senses, there’s no going back. Suddenly we’re in love for life.

Funny how the senses of taste and smell work. Always shifting; always evolving.

To really broaden your culinary horizons, sometimes you have to travel to places where the food is unlike anywhere else. Sure, you can get foods from Italy, France, Germany, parts of China, South Asia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and other nations pretty much everywhere these days, but there’s so much more to try. Food that isn’t imported or trendy. Food that you’ll have to travel to enjoy.

The 12 palate-expanding experiences listed below highlight dishes, ingredients, textures, and flavors that are making a comeback from colonialism, political strife, or plain ol’ obscurity. These are the foods that are redefining what we know about certain places, people, and food culture in general. Visiting them will help you broaden your palate while expanding your knowledge of what food is and can be.