Adult Resort Patrons Share Where They Went And What They Liked

If Valentine’s Day reminds us of anything, it’s that there are endless ways to express love. Some buy their lovers chocolates, while others get their partner(s) stoned and hand them a vibrator. And for some couples out there, there’s no better celebration of romantic love than going to town on one another at an adult resort in full view of other patrons or, even bettter, getting busy with a few of their fellow guests.

Thankfully, there are plenty of resorts around the world eager to greet people like these with open, oiled up arms. Whether you’re an experienced swinger or a young couple looking to test the lifestyle for the first time, the one thing everyone talks about after visiting is how welcoming this community is.

Today we’re checking out seven resorts where guests are encouraged to be themselves when it comes to romantic and sexual expression. To help you savvy the vibe, we asked real patrons of these properties to share their honest feedback.

*Please check with the properties themselves and follow regulations, common sense, expert advice, and medical professionals with regards to traveling during COVID.

Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica

Hedonism II

The Resort:

Hedonism II is considered the gold standard of adult resorts, a 280-room clothing-optional, beachfront hotel in Jamaica that’s long been beloved by the sexually adventurous. In 2021, they made the jump from hosting the famous Young Swingers Week takeover to buying the brand outright. Take that move as yet another signal that more and more 20 somethings are diving into this scene.

Despite their reputation as a destination for those experienced in the lifestyle, Hedonism II also openly welcomes those first dipping their toe into sex resorts. And with a Prude side (as opposed to their Nude side), all are welcome.

The Experience:

I went into Hedonism with some preconceived judgments and came out realizing it’s a place for people to go where they can be totally free to express themselves without fear of judgment. I found a lot of the people I talked to were self-conscious about x, y, z kink, fetish, or even their bodies back in their hometown, but Hedonism gave them an escape that felt really accepting and nurturing.

Also, I took a squirting workshop and it was bananas.

— Chelsea F., 29, of Los Angeles, California

Average room rate: $650/night

Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort

Desire Pearl

The Resort:

In Puerto Morelos, between Cancun and Playa del Carmen on the Yucatan Peninsula, is a couples resort where “inhibitions do not exist.” 88 villa-style rooms cater to guests charged with sexual energy, who spend their days sipping tropical drinks by the pool or beach, and the nights participating in themed parties designed to help couples create a connection.

As an all-inclusive resort, the only thing guests need to worry about is who is coming back to their room when the sun goes down.

The Experience:

We visited Desire Pearl as a fun vacation where we could explore our comfort level and just do something crazy for once. It took us a couple of days to get used to everyone being nude, but we realized that by keeping our swimsuits on, we stood out more. It was very liberating and not as awkward as we had imagined. We enjoyed each other outside where others could have seen us, without any fear of getting in trouble, and we watched other couples satisfy their desires in a variety of ways, including swapping.

The best part is that everyone is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and not judgmental or pressuring at all. It’s really a very natural feeling once you get past the stigma of ‘I’m not supposed to do this.’ Anyone who wants to experience a highly sexually charged environment, without any pressure or fear, should try a lifestyle resort at least once. It will be a vacation you will never forget!

— Sam and Jenna, 30s, of Fayetteville, Arkansas

Average room rate: $600/night (currently 50 percent off)

Desire Riviera Maya Resort

Desire Riviera

The Resort:

Located on the beautiful Mayan Riviera in Cancun, Desire Riviera Maya (same family as Pearl, but a separate resort) is a 95-room, clothing-optional resort. A rooftop jacuzzi makes for the perfect viewing platform to see the sunrise and sunset, and the rooms are beautifully decorated, whether they’re in the garden view area or one of the high-end Passion Suites.

Like Pearl, Desire caters to couples only — stimulating the senses and invigorating sexual connection.

The Experience:

I’ve chosen Desire Riviera Maya for sexy takeovers along with my travel partners Luxury Lifestyle Vacations Club, for many years for several reasons: It’s an upscale all-inclusive, adults-only, couples-only resort with 5 different dining options. Even if you are not European or it’s not usually your style, we all can appreciate no tan lines making their clothing-optional policy very appealing.

Desire has its own great entertainment staff and larger takeovers can bring their own DJs and entertainment from around the world to add to the fun. Theme-nights give us all an opportunity to enjoy dressing our sexiest even beyond what society thinks grown women and men should dress like for a night out.

— Taylor Sparks, 60, [She/Her] Erotic Educator and Founder of Organic Loven, one of the largest BIPOC-owned online intimacy shops

Average room rate: $500/night

Sea Mountain Inn, Palm Springs, California

The Resort:

Sea Mountain Inn (SMI) is a small lifestyle hotel just north of Palm Springs in Desert Hot Springs that was converted into a swinger’s paradise with a zen feel and an atmosphere that lends itself to a sensation of sexual openness. Open 24 hours a day and catering to couples and women, 15 rooms are available to guests who want to stay overnight, though day passes are also available.

Guests are encouraged to indulge their desire to bare it all and see where it takes them.

The Experience:

We have been several times, running into locals from Southern California to long-distance travelers from other parts of the world. Having sex out in the open next to the pool is thrilling knowing there is an audience just waiting to join in and help in the coming orgasm. Saturday night is always a blow out night: getting 15-20 people in the spa where everyone is playing together is a visual you will never forget.

— Sam, 30s, Southern California

Average Price: Varies

NSFW – New York

The Resort:

While not technically a resort, The New Society For Wellness, aka NSFW, caters to the sexually adventurous looking for fun, connection, and community. With a staunch pro LGBTQIA+ attitude, a commitment to enthusiastic consent, and a track record of putting racial equity at the forefront of their mission, NSFW encapsulates the ideal form of sexy exploration — one in which humanity is recognized.

The clubhouse is an excellent place to explore and play with like-minded others, whether you’re there to learn or to teach.

The Experience:

The NSFW clubhouse is NYC’s sexiest adult playground. The space is a pallete of high-end kink gear and furniture — such as a Shibari rig, St. John’s Cross, pup cage, and sex swing — for you to experiment with and learn from other members. They’ve got your wildest fantasies covered!

Daya Dare, 28, [She/They], Kink Educator and Writer

Cost: $169 for solo access, $269 for couples access monthly, $50 for individual events

Exotic Dreams Resort, Palm Springs

The Resort:

Exotic Dreams Resort Hotel is in the heart of Palm Springs, only a mile off the main drag. EDRH is one of the largest swinger resorts on the West Coast with 40 rooms. This is a popular spot, with almost every weekend typically sold out. The resort boasts three pools, two jacuzzis, a sex maze, and a playroom with sex swings, benches, and crosses.

There’s no end to where people can meet and indulge in some sexy fun.

The Experience:

The main pool is the starting place to meet people. As the day progresses, your new group of friends slip off to one of the quieter pools or spa to become more intimate. As things start to heat up you can move the party to the playroom where there are two king beds and all the fun toys to put on a show.

You don’t need to get a room to visit the resort since they offer day/night passes.

— Sam, 30s, Southern California

Average room rate: $275/night

Jacuzzi Club, Poland

Jacuzzi Club Poland

The Resort:

A lifestyle resort unique to Europe, this 25,000 square foot former military establishment is situated in northern Poland, southeast of Gdansk. A fully-enclosed adult entertainment venue, clubs, and resort accommodations allow guests to fully let loose and explore their fantasies. This is a place for people to socialize and play, where they can gather at the man-made beach, the pool, or over drinks at the bar, where employees are ready to help patrons overcome their nerves. Guests can play in the orgy rooms, BDSM area, or back in their rooms.

The Experience:

Liberating. JC is my safe space. A weekend paradise or summer getaway for me to meet like-minded people from across Europe. Stay, play, laugh, relax and befriend. It’s a place like no other, a lifestyle paradise that makes the heartbeat and desire run through my body.

— Katarzyną, 23, Europe

Average room rate: $50/night