Bartenders Tell Us The Best Stouts For Fall

10.15.18 10 months ago 3 Comments

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Warm, cozy sweaters, hot tea, pumpkins, brightly-colored leaves, toasty fires, and dark beer. These are the images that come to mind when we think of fall. The most important is obviously dark beer. We order porters and we’re all about stouts. But since the upcoming holidays will be full of fatty foods, a lot of beer, and a whole lot of extra calories, we’re trying our best to limit our stout intake to only the best of the bunch.

How are we expected to possibly choose from the thousands of stouts available in the US? We couldn’t handle the pressure so we asked some of our favorite bartenders to tell us their favorite picks for fall 2018. Check them all out below. If you your favorite stout was left out, give us a shout in the comments.

War Flag Stout

Will Benedetto, cocktail curator at In Good Company in New York City

“I’m a big fan of War Flag Stout. It’s pretty crushable for a stout but has all of those great rich flavors.”

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