It’s #TattooDay — Check Out These Inkers Who Elevate The Art Form

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Tattoos are becoming damn near ubiquitous these days. It’s pretty hard to think of a celebrity under 40 that doesn’t have at least one (or more). Any amount of time spent watching sports, scrolling through Instagram, or drinking at a bar, and you’re going to see some ink.

I’ve been getting tattoos since 1999. My rule is simple: I get one when I travel to a place that feels like “the right place”: Arlington, Jakarta, Bishkek. It’s a part of my travel experience and a way to memorialize a trip (or segment of my life, or maybe just a moment).

The list that follows highlights some of the artists working in the medium of tattoo with a unique aesthetic and strong visual sense. Slightly NSFW, I think… I don’t know…tattoos are tricky like that.

Okan Uçkun – Golden Arrow Street Tattoo, Istanbul, Turkey

The beauty of Okan’s tattoos lies in the geometric simplicity of his lines. There’s nothing too brash or outlandish on the surface. It’s in the understated lines that the body, math, and design combine to make truly one-of-a-kind tattoos. If you’re in Istanbul and inspired by the plethora of minarets echoing the muezzin’s haunting Adhan, then maybe Okan’s shop is worth a visit too.

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