The Best Deals In Whiskey Right Now

Finding a great deal in the whiskey world feels like it’s getting harder and harder. The aftermarket sending prices on the good rare stuff into the stratosphere (if you can even find it) certainly supports that narrative. But over-priced aftermarket Pappy, Blanton’s, or Jack Daniel’s isn’t the whole story of whiskey right now. We’re living in a bonanza of great whiskey. That means with a little sleuthing, you can actually find amazing whiskey — cask strength beauties, bottled in bond heavy hitters, special oak finished bottles, single barrel dreams, and small batch gems — for a great price.

I’m going to save you a step and list 10 great whiskeysbourbons, ryes, and scotch — that are a great deal right now. These are mostly special barrel picks of iconic or craft brands where you’re getting something truly special for a, well, better price than the mainstream stuff. I’m also adding some bottles that are simply a great deal overall (and you can get them right now pretty easily).

Overall, this is about finding and drinking great whiskey without breaking the bank. That doesn’t mean that these are budget options at all. This is about the good stuff that is actually a good deal in a world where inflated prices are an accepted reality.

In the end, look at my tasting notes and find a great whiskey that speaks to you. And then click on those price links to see if you can get a bottle in your neck of the woods. Let’s dive in!

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10. Bardstown Bourbon Company West Virginia Great Barrel Company Blended Rye Whiskey

Bardstown Bourbon Company Rye
Bardstown Bourbon Company

ABV: 55%

Average Price: $149 ($20 off)

The Whiskey:

This nationwide release is a collaboration with Bardstown Bourbon Company and West Virginia Great Barrel Company, one of the most interesting cooperages in the game right now. The whiskey in the bottle is a blend of 95/5 rye from Indiana that’s about seven years old and a 12-year-old 100% corn whiskey from Ontario. The blend was then refilled into infrared toasted cherry oak barrels for a final maturation run before mild proofing and bottling.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: The nose opens with a rich cinnamon bark touched with apple cider, sharp spearmint, and marzipan with a soft layer of chamomile tea cut with honey and rose water lurking beneath.

Palate: The palate is luxurious with a thick cherry stew over clotted cream and scones next to smoldering apple, cinnamon, and cherry bark, a sense of old sweet oak staves, and cellar funk.

Finish: The end has a dried cranberry dipped in dark chocolate vibe next to more of those spice and orchard barks with this fleeting sense of tannic sharpness and cherry cola spice.

Bottom Line:

This really just works wonders as an easy sipper and killer Manhattan base (thanks to that deep and woody cherry vibe), proving Bardstown Bourbon Company is a true titan of modern whiskey blending.

Plus, it’s $20 off right now. That’s a little extra scratch in your pocket on a great bottle of whiskey.

9. George Dickel Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey Aged 9 Years (SIB43)


ABV: 50%

Average Price: $48

The Whisky:

This is Dickel’s signature whisky aged for nine years and bottled from single barrels. That means this is made from a classic Tennessee whiskey mash of 84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% malted barley. That whiskey was left to rest for 12-and-a-half years in a single-story warehouse. For this release, Reserve Bar picked a barrel and bottled it with a touch of proofing water.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: The higher ABVs add depth to the cherry cola notes on the nose as the sweet syrup lurks in the background next to eggnog spice, salted peanuts, and a touch of dry wood.

Palate: The palate delivers on those notes while leaning into the cherry and vanilla while the spices kick up and notes of soft leather, dry reeds, and maybe a touch of wicker arrive late.

Finish: The end is slightly fruity but leans more into cherry tobacco with a dry and woody end.

Bottom Line:

While this is packaged as a Dickel 9-Year, it’s actually almost a 13-year whiskey. That alone makes this a steal. One, you’re getting a whiskey that doesn’t exist otherwise as a label. Two, you’re getting a great and older whiskey at the same price as the actual Dickel 9-Year.

8. Legent Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Partially Finished in Wine & Sherry Casks

Beam Suntory

ABV: 47%

Average Price: $37

The Whiskey:

This bottle from Beam Suntory marries Kentucky bourbon, California wine, and Japanese whisky blending in one bottle. Legent is classic Kentucky bourbon made by bourbon legend Fred Noe at Beam that’s finished in both French oak that held red wine and Spanish sherry casks. The whiskey is then blended by whisky-blending legend Shinji Fukuyo at Suntory.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Plummy puddings with hints of nuts mingle with vinous berries, oaky spice, and a good dose of vanilla and toffee on the nose.

Palate: The palate expands on the spice with more barky cinnamon and dusting of nutmeg while the oak becomes sweeter and the fruit becomes dried and sweet.

Finish: The finish is jammy yet light with plenty of fruit, spice, and oak lingering on the senses.

Bottom Line:

This sherry-finished bourbon is spot on. The whiskey has a great texture and depth, making it a great sipper or cocktail base. If you want to make a great Manhattan or just have an everyday easy sipper around, get this bottle.

And look, this isn’t on sale or a new barrel pick. It’s just an amazingly well-made whiskey that deserves a lot more hype. Sherry-cask-finished bourbon rarely works this well. Plus, it’s under $40 per bottle. Go get some!

7. Chattanooga Whiskey Straight Bourbon Whiskey Tennessee High Malt 111 Proof

Chattanooga Whiskey Straight Bourbon Whiskey Tennessee High Malt 111
Chattanooga Whiskey

ABV: 55.5%

Average Price: $49

The Whiskey:

This Tennessee whiskey is hewn from a mash bill (recipe) of classic yellow corn, malted rye, caramel malted barley, and honey malted barley. The ripple here is that the fermentation of those grains with water and yeast lasted for seven whole days (basically three times as long as most fermentation runs). The distilled juice was filled into toasted and charred oak and left alone for over two years. The final batch was pulled from no more than 12 barrels for this release.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Chocolate malts cut with spiced cherry syrup drive the nose with a hint of cinnamon bark and eggnog nutmeg next to soft orchard vibes.

Palate: That chocolate maltiness leans into honey-dipped graham crackers with a hint of allspice and clove over gingerbread and dark-chocolate-covered dried cherries.

Finish: A hint of cinnamon bark dark cherry tobacco mingles with malty spiced vanilla cookies and a hint more of that honeyed sweetness with deep chocolate lurking beneath it all.

Bottom Line:

These new and exciting malt experiments from Chattanooga are some of the best whiskeys hitting shelves right now. This isn’t necessarily collectible or anything like that, it’s just really f*cking tasty. That’s what makes this a must-buy right now. This whiskey outclasses bottles twice or three times its price. That’s a deal!

6. Old Potrero Single Barrel Reserve Straight Rye Whiskey (S1B45)

Old Potero
Reserve Bar

ABV: 65.16%

Average Price: $86

The Whiskey:

This whiskey is a bit of a throwback with a West Coast vibe. The juice is 100 percent rye whiskey made at Hotaling & Co. in Potrero Hill, one of San Francisco’s most iconic spots for booze. As of this year, the spirit is being distilled on the waterfront in San Francisco but still carries that Anchor Brewing heritage. With that move, the bottle also got a brand new design that leans into San Francisco’s sea-faring history.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Molasses heavy bran muffins mingle with dry cinnamon sticks, Granny Smith apple skins, and Red Hots next to rum-raisin and a twinge of an old oak stave.

Palate: The palate leans into ginger snaps with plenty of cinnamon and nutmeg next to vanilla pudding right out of the cup and a dry sense of cedar kindling.

Finish: The end holds onto the dry woodiness with a layer of salted caramel raisins and vanilla candy on the very end.

Bottom Line:

This is such a unique and delicious rye. Generally, you’ll find their six-year-old small-batch rye for about $70. In this case, you’re getting a phenomenal barrel pick single barrel version that’s over seven years old and full cask strength. So for basically $15 more you’re getting a massively bigger rye that just delivers so well.

5. New Riff Single Barrel Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (S1B29)

New Riff Single Barrel
New Riff

ABV: 54.25%

Average Price: $58

The Whiskey:

The juice in the bottle is New Riff’s standard bourbon mash of 65% corn, 30% rye, and 5% malted barley. The spirit is aged for at least four years before they’re bottled individually without cutting or filtration.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: The nose on these tends to be soft, kind of like freshly baked rye bread, with notes of eggnog spices, slick vanilla flan, thin caramel sauce, and hints of spicy orange zest.

Palate: The palate amps everything up as the orange peel becomes candied and attaches to a moist holiday cake, dried cranberry and cherry, more dark spice, a touch of nuttiness, and plenty of that vanilla.

Finish: The end takes its time as the whole thing comes together like a rich and boozy fruit cake as little notes of leather and tobacco spice keep things interesting on the slow fade.

Bottom Line:

This is all about access. New Riff — for as much as I love them — is still largely only available in Kentucky (and Ohio). That means that unless you’re in the Ohio Valley, you’re not going to find these. Luckily, Reserve Bar has you covered with a single-barrel New Riff that not only slaps but is available outside of Kentucky. See, you’re already saving money by not having to fly to Kentucky to pick one of these up.

4. Knob Creek Single Barrel Select Rye (S1B14)

Knob Creek Rye Select
Beam Suntory

ABV: 57.5%

Average Price: $62

The Whiskey:

This is Knob Creek’s famed rye whiskey in a single-barrel format. Those barrels are usually barreled at cask strength or cut down to a consistent 115 proof. In this case, we’re looking at a barrel pick by Reserve Bar.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: The nose is full of green herbs like dill and mint next to a dollop of floral honey and plenty of barrel char.

Palate: A hint of rye bread crust sneaks in early on the palate before black pepper gives way to dried chili pods, a hint of vanilla pudding with cinnamon, and dark cherries.

Finish: The barrel builds with the spices on the finish before dark chocolate powder, candied pecans, and creamy vanilla smooth everything out for a soft finish.

Bottom Line:

Knob Creek’s rye in a single barrel format is the true essence of the Beam rye whiskey that delivers on every level. Regular Knob Creek Rye is usually around $30-$35, so you are paying almost double. But that’s kind of beside the point. This is stellar whiskey that you should have on your bar cart.

3. George Dickel Tennessee Whisky Singel Barrel Aged At Least 15 Years (S1B43)


ABV: 40%

Average Price: $60

The Whisky:

This is a very old whiskey for a great price. The whiskey is from single barrels, aged 15 years or more, and the proof varies accordingly (sometimes it’s cut with water, too). Like the 9-year single barrel, this is made from an 84% corn mash and stored in Dickel’s famed single-story warehouse.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: This is all about the cherry pie with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream next to a slight apple-tobacco vibe with a clear multi-vitamin chalkiness.

Palate: Red berries lead toward a cherry-choco soda pop, more vanilla cream, and a light touch of bourbon-soaked oakiness on the taste.

Finish: That woodiness leans into a musty corner of a cellar as a spicy cherry tobacco finish leaves you with a dry, almost chalky, yet sweet mouthfeel.

Bottom Line:

Okay, here’s the rub. This is actually a 17-and-a-half-year-old whisky from Dickel. Dickel releases a 17-year expression late last year. George Dickel 17 is over $300 per bottle. While that release is not a single barrel, it does have a little higher ABV. Still, $60 for a very, very similar whisky compared to $300+ is a great deal.

2. Stellum Bourbon Single Barrel Perseus Selected by Topflight Series by ReserveBar

Stellum Perseus

ABV: 57.59%

Average Price: $52

The Whiskey:

Perseus is the latest in the astronomical lineup from Stellum Bourbon. This whiskey starts off with a mash bill of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley. That hot juice then rests for at least four to six years before single barrels are picked for bottling. In this case, ReserveBar snagged this barrel for their Top Flight program as a special barrel pick.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Candied pecans cooked into crispy, vanilla-forward waffles dance on the nose with a touch of sour cherry tossed in sea salt, a deep winter spice bark medley, and old leather tobacco pouches.

Palate: The taste moseys through salted dark chocolate squares next to maple syrup-dipped graham crackers, dried wild sagebrush, and a rush of sharp spearmint with black cherry lush sweetness at the base.

Finish: That black cherry drives the finish toward salted caramel and dried red chili pepper spice next to a whisper of orchard bard, woody spice, and soft and chewy tobacco.

Bottom Line:

This is great whiskey. Great. Stellum whiskey bottles like this also end up around $100 and this is half that price. Again, that’s a great deal, folks!

1. Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky The Distillers Edition 2023

Talisker Distillers Edition

ABV: 45.8%

Average Price: $113

The Whisky:

The 2023 Distillers Edition is a classic Talisker that’s aged by the sea and finished for six months in Amoroso sherry casks. The whisky was distilled in 2012 and bottled at 10 years old. It was then finished in another Amoroso sherry cask, making it “double cask” matured.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: The nose runs deep on this whisky with mild hints of beachside campfire smoke whispering in the background as hints of red fruit, wet driftwood, and green peppercorns draw you in.

Palate: The palate embraces the red berries with a slight tartness next to the sweetness as the peat remains dry and distant and tied to the brine of the sea with an almost oyster liquor softness.

Finish: The finish lingers for just the right amount of time as sweet berries and dry peat lead towards soft dark cacao powder with a tiny note of vanilla and one last spray from the sea.

Bottom Line:

This is as close to a perfect whisky as you can get at this price point. It’s sophisticated, dynamic, and delectable. It’s cliched but I have to say it. And look, this isn’t a “deal” per se. This is a new release of a bottle of whisky that punches way above its price point. Talisker 18, which is what I would compare this to quality-wise, costs around $250. This is half that price for a whisky that’s 100% just as good. You can do that math.