Photos From The Biggest Halloween Parties In The Country

Magic Barkan

Halloween isn’t always just about candy and costumes. The night and preceding weekend also play host to some of the most insane parties and festivals of the year. And while these outings definitely do pack some truly outrageous costumes, they also just ooze fun whether you decided to take part in the dress-up spirit or not.

If you didn’t have time to attend a massive Halloween fest this year, don’t die of FOMO just yet. You can still appreciate the grandiosity of some of the most unhinged parties out there. Whether your thing is the EDM madness of Insomniac’s Escape Festival or the chill as hell anything-goes vibe of Suwannee Hulaween we’ve got you covered with photos. Yes, these pictures will leave you feeling like you didn’t go big enough, but there’s always next year. Now is the perfect time to start planning!