Meet The Scientists Behind The Wheel Of The ‘Biology Bus’

07.27.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

There’s lots to be said about the van life. It’s cheap, but certainly not without its complications. Yet many, many, many people are willing to deal with the rough patches in order to experience the unbound sense of freedom.

For University of California at Irvine students Nyssa Silbiger, Piper Wallingford, and Savannah Todd, the van life isn’t just about adventure. It’s also offering them a mobile workspace. Silbiger, a post-doctoral researcher, and Wallingford, a PhD student, needed to collect data for their research over the summer and knew that the hardcore science-ing would take them all the way up the Pacific coast. So, with the help of sponsors GoWesty, UCI’s OCEANS Initiative, and Uproxx, the trio secured a tricked-out Eurovan to act as their portable living space/lab from July to September.

We recently got the chance to catch up with the busy researchers behind the Biology Bus to see how life on the open road is treating them.

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