Score These Pre-Cyber Monday Deals For Under $30 To Make Up For Your Black Friday Selfishness

and 11.25.18 9 months ago


Black Friday has come and gone. The internationally recognized day run out of your house insanely early, jump in your car, and mow down anyone in your way is over. You were the victor. The champion in this gladiator battle. All in an attempt to get a “sort of” good deal on a TV you didn’t need. (We suppose the word “need” is subjective. You certainly need it more than the people you ran over. They don’t need anything anymore.)

As you reflect upon the horrible things you did on Black Friday 2018 — the mom you killed with a Tickle Me Elmo doll as you fought over a Nintendo Switch, the sweet elderly man who you smothered with a half-off Tempurpedic pillow after you mistook his “Welcome to Walmart” to be a challenge — you’re sure to think, “I’d better do some good today to make up for all that mayhem!” Well, we get you. It’s time to buy presents. Not the sort that cost a fortune. The sort that are an incredible value and still allow you to feel like a damn hero.

These are the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals under $30 that you should snap up for holiday gifts today. Because your karma needs a boost.

The Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

$24.99 (usually $79.99)

Best Buy

For the gamer in your life, this mouse is an insanely good deal. Almost as insane as the look in your eyes when you started driving over those traffic cones to get to Old Navy in time to get those door-busting $1 socks.


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