This Mega-Collection Of Burning Man Photos Will Either Leave You Planning To Go Next Year Or Glad You Stayed Home

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09.07.15 29 Comments


LET’S SAY, for just a second, that so much of Burning Man turns you off. Let’s say that the appropriation of Native American symbols, the white-out level dust storms, and the swarming bugs give you a bad vibe. Then there’s no way these photos (with more and more surfacing by the second on Instagram now that revelers are headed back to cellphone range) will change your mind.

But if you’re on the fence — digging on the art, the smiling people, and the giant structures exploding in flames — then maybe these images will be your tipping point. Maybe they’ll have you reaching for your phone to send a mass text to some of your most free-spirited friends.

So, this Burning Man thing. Should we try it?

Either way, the photos tell a story. One that will leave you feeling like you missed out, or rolling your eyes. At the very least, it’ll make you realize that those nostril-to-nostril nose rings are growing increasingly popular.

[The last time I tried to post something on Burning Man, I accidentally included, like, 20 naked people in a line. So, just to err on the side of caution, NSFW.]


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