The Coolest Weed Experiences Worth Traveling To Right Now


Prior to legalization, cannabis was still a major part of many people’s lifestyles. It’s not like edibles and tinctures and the like are anything new. But the risk of jail time certainly kept it behind closed doors, making only occasional public appearances in a chill park or concert. However, now there are dozens of opportunities to work your weed habit into legally endorsed pursuits in some of the coolest cities in the country.

We’ve gathered a list of a dozen activity categories and highlighted a standout in every entry. Please know that though we may be writing about doing a sun salutation in rainy Portland, Oregon, chances are you can also find a class to enlighten you in snowy Denver, CO, too. So, we hope that you’ll get inspired and head to a search engine to sleuth out opportunities closer to you. Or plan a visit to one of the cities listed and make the most of a posh hotel and catered event. After all, what could be better than taking a trip that not only respects but encourages your love of weed?

Take A Yoga Class

Since 2009, author Dee Dussault has been leading people through Ganja Yoga classes in over 15 North American cities (Including: Oakland and Los Angeles, CA and Gig Harbor, WA). They often have specific themes, think women’s tantra and slow flow wake and bake. But regardless of the particular bent the sessions take, the basics are the same: use some cannabis, do some yoga. And because students are in an enhanced mind space during all of the posing and stretching, the classes tend to be a bit slower and more guided than a traditional class so no worries about it being beyond your ability. They’re beginner friendly.

If you are looking to get blissed out by doubling up on relaxation practices, this is for you. Plus, imagine the amazing meal you’d have after getting high AND a good workout. This couldn’t be a better appetizer if it tried.