Colorado’s First In-N-Out Is Reporting Absurdly Long Lines

In-N-Out is now officially the favorite fast food burger joint of Colorado, as the state opened its first In-N-Out Burger in the Denver suburb of Aurora. Anticipation for the new In-N-Out was high. So much so, that at one point yesterday people were waiting in 14-hour drive-thru lines to get their hands on a Double Double, a chocolate shake, and some devastatingly lackluster fries.

Unless they ordered those taters Animal Style. Coloradans, do ya’ll know about Animal Style yet?

Look, 14-hours is a long time to wait for anything, let alone In-N-Out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Californian, I adore In-N-Out, but I’ve never waited longer than 40 minutes at the drive-thru. And even then, that’s a long enough wait to opt for Wendy’s or Five Guys. Or better yet, go to the mom and pop burger joint.

Things, unsurprisingly, got tense in the drive-thru with reports of fights breaking out and all sorts of other shenanigans that typically happen when people wait longer than an hour for food. The Aurora Police Dept was on the scene to keep things civil, and the department’s official Twitter account has been posting updates to the line’s current wait time, which ended the day yesterday at a much more manageable 12 hours.