Costco Is Getting Rid Of Its Polish Dog And Folks Online Are Freaking Out

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A healthier menu at the Costco food court has cost many of its customers their favorite item on the menu. The company announced over the weekend that it would revamp its food options in the big box store’s food court, trading out some of its traditional menu items for vegetarian, vegan and overall healthier choices.

One immediate casualty to that change is the polish dog, a customer favorite that seems to have created quite a stir online as part of its removal. According to USA Today, the company will introduce items including organic burgers, açai fruit bowls, and a plant-based “al Pastor Salad” to its menu in the coming months.

The Polish hot dog is going away at many Costco stores in the Seattle area and elsewhere to make room for new items. But rest easy: the original all-beef hot dog combo — sold for $1.50 with a soda — is not going away.

Costco has hinted at a menu change since early this year and recently began rolling out new vegan and vegetarian food items.

“Not everybody gets as excited about pizza and hot dogs as I do,” chief executive Craig Jelinek told shareholders in January.

As it turns out, people do get that excited about hot dogs, especially when they are taken away from them. The Seattle Times first reported the changes to the Issaquah, Washington store and, as word spread, so did the backlash to that report.

Many of the responses online have been downright vulgar, bringing to question just how much people loved the cased meat item in the first place. But there were a few less profane but still outraged responses.

Costco appears to have protected their tweets as a result of the backlash, which saves their social media manager from seeing tweets from outraged people that don’t follow the company on social media.

Perhaps that will keep the fake polish dog heads from having their say, but plenty of people seem upset about the movie. Every report about the change stressed that the $1.50 all-beef hot dog wasn’t going anywhere, but you can’t substitute an acai bowl for a good polish sausage in the eyes of many.

(Via Seattle Times, USA Today)