Throw A Last-Minute Super Bowl Party For $100 With These Costco Foods

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Costco is great for a lot of things. Their food court has become a beacon for inexpensive eats. You can buy everything from diapers to coffins to entire wheels of parmesan in the main warehouse. It’s diverse, uniquely American, and we all love the samples. It also the perfect place to stock up for your Super Bowl Sunday party. Especially if you’re in a time crunch.

The thing about having people over to party at your crib is that you have to put in a little work and spend a little cash to be a good host. It is, however, just a football game. This is way more about friends and, maybe, colleagues than, say, drunk racist aunts or uncles arguing over dried out turkey legs. Stick to the standards. Cook and serve food and drinks that are easily executable. In short, keep it simple. Also, keep it inexpensive. That means it’s time for a Costco run, yo.

Below is a shopping list for a killer Super Bowl party that’ll come in just under $100 and assure that everyone leaves your place with a smile on their faces.

Tortilla Chips ($5.29) & Salsa ($7.29)

A big-ass bag of Kirkland Signature Organic Tortilla Chips is the cornerstone of any Super Bowl Party. For one, this bag is almost laughably huge. It’ll last. The kicker, it’s basically five bucks for a seemingly bottomless bag.

Don’t forget the salsa for dipping. We know a big bowl of guacamole is the prime dipping accompaniment here but, you know what, ask someone to bring that to the party. Just make sure you have plenty of classic salsa on hand. Grab a 48-ounce (that’s three freakin’ pounds) jar of the Garden Fresh Gourmet Organic Salsa. Pour it in a nice bowl next to the chips and let your guests have at it.

Hot ‘n Spicy Chicken Wings ($20.39)

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Americans eat 1.3 billion wings on Super Bowl Sunday. So, yeah, serve some wings. Costco sells a five-pound bag of Hot ‘n Spicy Wings for 20 bucks. Our advice: split that into two servings. Throw some in the oven to be ready for kick-off and then bake the second half of the bag at halftime if you need to. You’ll likely be eating wings all next week.

Costco Take & Bake Pizza ($10.89)

It won’t be a Super Bowl party without pizza. Costco’s pizza is pretty decent for what it is. Look, it’s not Di Fara in Brooklyn but it gets the job done. Grab a Take & Bake pie for ten bucks. These are huge pizzas that can easily yield eight big slices (it should really be 16 slices). And trust us, those slices will go fast. Maybe grab a cheese pizza for the vegetarians at your shindig.

Case of Sparkling Water ($9.69)

People are going to be drinking on Sunday. That means you need plenty of water to keep your guests hydrated. A 32-pack of Costco’s Sparkling Water (their version of La Croix) is less than a tenner. This is also the perfect mixer for your booze. Which leads us to…

Kirkland Signature American Vodka ($16.99)

Grab one big bottle of booze. Really, any Super Bowl party should be BYOB. Still, a good host has an option on the table. Enter Kirkland’s Signature American Vodka. This is a great standard bottle that drinks very easily. Plus, vodka sodas are sugar-free and refreshing AF. This is an easy win that won’t break the bank.

Kirkland Signature Craft Beer Variety Pack ($19.99)

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Some folks won’t want to pull the throttle back on the hard liquor, especially with work looming on Monday morning. So, have a few beers for everybody in the fridge. Costco’s Craft Beer Variety Pack is the perfectly capable collection of local beers. There’s usually four each of IPAs, pales, stouts, and another ale. It’s a decent selection of very easily drinkable beer.

That’s it! You have snacks, plenty of food and drink, and it all clocks in at under 100 bucks.

Total: $90.53

BONUS: Hot Dog and a Drink ($1.50)

Make sure to treat yo’self before you leave the store. Grab that dollar-fifty hot dog, you’ve earned it.

GRAND TOTAL: $92.03 (before tax)