Eating Tacos With Danny Trejo Is Your New ‘Drinking Scotch With Nick Offerman’

It’s Taco Tuesday, the weekly reward any hardworking person gives themselves for making it through another Monday. Tuesdays are mediocre, but tacos are tiny whispers from God’s mouth to humanity. What could possibly make a Taco Tuesday better?

Danny f*cking Trejo. Trejo is known for his roles in Spy Kids, Breaking Bad, The X-Files, Sons of Anarchy, and Heat. He tends to always play the bad guy, but in real life, he’s awesome. Who wouldn’t want to sit down and eat tacos with Danny Trejo?

Now you can.

This 3D VR video of him eating tacos surfaced on Monday, and it’s better than anything ever. It’s just like the Yule Log video of Nick Offerman drinking scotch for 45 minutes by a crackling fire. While Offerman’s stoic enjoyment of the beverage in such majestic surroundings is what makes it a great experience, Trejo sitting down to gnaw on some delicious looking tacos is a chill, carefree bit of food porn. He’s sitting at his Los Angeles taqueria, Trejo’s Tacos.

The film was produced by Simon Miya and Dennis Burrell of Portland’s InFilm 360. The fact that it’s a 3D VR video means that you can enjoy VIRTUAL REALITY TACOS–but you must have a VR viewer to look at it. If you don’t have one, an inexpensive one called Google Cardboard sells online for only 15 bucks. If you don’t have one and don’t want to get one, no worries. The tacos look just as amazing without it. You still get a full view of Trejo–who really seems to enjoy his tacos.

His face looks nearly orgasmic here, which is exactly the face I make when eating tacos OR when I’m thinking about Danny Trejo.

But both at once? That, my friends, only exists in the beautiful reality that is the internet in 2016, where we can watch a virtual reality, 3D video of Danny Trejo eating tacos. So, grab a margarita and drink up for a very special edition of Taco Tuesday–hosted by Danny Trejo.