Everyone’s Excited About Danny Trejo’s Soon-To-Open Taco Restaurant

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Danny Trejo is swell, ain’t he? Whenever he pops up in a movie it’s hard not to squeal with excitement — he’s such a compelling presence. And now there’s even more reason to squeal, this time with hunger: the 71-year-old actor is now expanding his empire to include a taco joint bearing his likeness.

Yes, the Robert Rodriguez film regular is getting ready for the opening of his sensibly named L.A. eatery Trejo’s Tacos. Boasting the Machete star’s instantly recognizable face on the logo, this restaurant will serve specialty tacos with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Danny Trejo wants to keep you healthy.

The items that aren’t purchased by close of business will be donated to a local homeless shelter after Trejo’s Tacos stops service. Y’know, because Danny Trejo is the awesome dude you’ve always known him to be.

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