This ‘Do It For Mom’ Commercial Wants To Fight Denmark’s Low Birth Rate By Getting People To Boink

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09.30.15 2 Comments

This commercial from Demark, which has quickly gone viral, purports to enlist the help of mothers of adult, childless children to join the fight against Denmark’s low birth rate. See, the Danish welfare system is currently under pressure as just not enough people are having babies. But perhaps most affected by this crisis are all the mothers out there who just want to have grandbabies.

The spot is actually the brainchild of a Denmark travel agency, Spies Travel, which is promoting a new “parent purchase” program which lets parents financially contribute to the vacations of their offspring. Because, as everyone knows: Vacations = serious humping. (Bom chicka wow wow, etcetera.) As such, Spies is advertising the program to parents with the message: “Send your child on an active holiday and get a grandchild within nine months.”

Spies will even poke holes in your kid’s condoms for you! Well, probably not that. But come on, Denmark! Let mom send you on a free trip and give her a grandkid. Just think of the memories you’ll have over the next decade or so when you can no longer go on romantic vacations because you’re raising a child. Both your mother and your country will thank you.

(Via Reddit)

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