There’s A New Domino’s Menu Item In The Wild That Combines Two Of America’s Favorite Foods

As if an army of Domino’s robots wasn’t serving enough of our needs, the pizza chain has announced via Facebook that they are combining the foods America holds dearest: burgers and pizza. We know what you’re thinking — we’ve seen burger toppings offered on pizza before. So what’s this all about?

It’s essentially a pizza that behaves like a burger. The oven-baked crusts are now the buns, everything in-between is your topping(s) of choice, and you’re not going to need a side of fries with that because after all, it’s still a pizza.

“It is this Pizza Goodness that will be at the core of our marketing strategy. We aim to address the desire for a burger through a new kind of pizza, the BurgerPizza,” explains S. Murugan Narayanaswamy, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Domino’s Pizza India.

Sounds great. When do we start? Well, the problem for now — as purely American as this all sounds — is that India gets the first bite at the BurgerPizza. The India Times reports that the pizza has launched at locations across the country with three choices, two of which being vegetarian options to accommodate all customers.

So when the heck do Americans get to be accommodated? We invented the burger and should get credit for the pizza too, forget Italy! Only time will tell, but for now, our Indian brethren are the only ones that get to taste this interesting merger and tell us if it was worth their rupees.

(Via Domino’s)