Here Are All The Foods We’ll Be Gorging On As Election Results Roll In

For nearly a year now, the 2016 election has pulled our collective focus. The whirlwhind season has been full of breakout stories and stellar soundbites, demanding attention with the force of a stick-up man. Today, it all come to an end — as so many of the interwoven narratives we’ve been following fade to black.

It’s about damn time. Stress is through the roof, tempers are flaring, and nerves have been rubbed raw. We all need a break. We need… a snack. Comfort food. Something to get the endorphins flowing. On the eve of election day, we asked our staff what they’d be eating to power through the campaign’s final stretch, they took the chance to sound off on food, fatigue, and all the things they won’t miss about this cycle.

Kimberly Ricci: Popcorn and Burritos

Election night will be an extension of the past sixteen months of my daily existence, and I’m going to be the big buzzkill here, but surprise! Food has not been a big focus for me this year with all of the on-call news going down. SO, I’ve blocked some stretches of time for eating like a mofo this weekend and partaking in a generous amount of tequila during a pathetic celebration (no matter who wins), but on Tuesday? A lady has to keep her energy up, so it’s gonna be a bunch of crunchy veggies to keep the oral fixation satisfied and then — lameness — Diet Coke, smoothies, popcorn, and burritos. Ask me next week how the real food thing went over the weekend. I will likely gain a few pounds after peeling this laptop away from my body and carb loading for an upcoming race. Wait a second, is the News Editor avoiding discussing politics in a lighthearted food piece? Damn straight.

I talk about this stuff every day already. Go team.