Catch Spiritual Vibes With These Photos From Envision Festival 2019

03.06.19 4 months ago

Eric Allen

When winter in the US hits, we recommend that those itching to party make like birds and head south for the warmer climes — where the festival scene is still going strong. Since the Southern Hemisphere is in the throes of summer and the tropics never get cold, hardcore partiers craving some raving always have a place to live it up. It’s a relief to know that when the rest of us are seeking warmth in fleece jackets and hot cocoa, someone, somewhere is half naked listening to EDM.

One warm-weather destination festival that we’re currently in love with Envision, a four-day celebration in the jungles of Costa Rica that places an emphasis on collective participation through group activities like art, yoga, dance, and seminars on regenerative strategies aimed to connect attendees with nature. In other words, it’s pure hippy-Burning Man vibes remixed with a cult-like (in the fun ways!), communal atmosphere. It’s also a few million times greener than other holistic fests.

The “eight pillars” of Envision’s ethos are movement, art, spirituality, music, health, permaculture, community, and radical acceptance. If any — or all — of those describe your vibe, the fest should be on your “gotta get there” list. Check out these photos from Envision 2019 to help you decide if a trip to Costa Rica is in your winter 2020 plans.

Eric Allen

JB Photo

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