If You Like Bourbon And Have The Perfect Fist, It Might Be Worth $100,000

Hand modeling seems like a good gig. Just imagine having hands so beautiful that someone else is willing to pay you so that millions can see your paws in high def. But being a hand model probably isn’t all trashing hotel rooms, hanging out with actual famous people, and putting on velvet-lined gloves in slow motion.

It’s probably a lonely existence, as well. Each day you have to live in fear that something might happen to your moneymakers — ’til you end up carefully wrapping your meat hooks in oven mitts just to keep them safe.

If all that doesn’t sound too bad to you, well, we’ve got an opportunity to get you hyped on. It comes courtesy of the Spaghetti Western-referencing whiskey brand Fistful of Bourbon. The expression is a blend of five straight bourbon whiskeys with a name and marketing that offers a nod to the 1964 classic Fistful of Dollars, starring Clint Eastwood.

Fistful of Bourbon

Playing to their rough and tumble, dusty, western aesthetic, Fistful of Bourbon is in search of what they’re calling a “SpokesFist.” To track the right mitt down, the brand is holding an open casting call. If you meet their criteria of having a badass fist with great grip-ability, a very steady hand, and maximum clenching skills, you can grab yourself a $100,000 contract to star in a new media campaign.

Fistful Of Bourbon

If somehow you think your fist is worthy of this acclaim, you can apply now until April 13 here or by responding to the Fistful job posting on