This Instagram Account Will Leave You Hungry And Ready To Travel

One of the best parts of traveling is sampling the local flavors. Because how much better is the experience of exploring the backstreets of Rome when you’ve got a drippy gelato in your hand and on your tongue? Or a morning spent staring out over the sunny cliffs of Santorini with a bowl of honeyed Greek yogurt and walnuts on the table in front of you?

Well, it doesn’t hurt to dream. Which is exactly what the sisters behind the mouthwatering Instagram account Food In The Air discovered when they came up with the concept on a trip to the Adirondacks in 2013. After scrolling through a bunch of same-old top-down food accounts on Instagram, they thought, “it’d be way more fun to hold your food in the air so the food relates to the area or destination rather than just the average shot of your meal on a table,” they told Popsugar.

Cue explosion. The account now has more than 300,000 followers and a thousand-plus curated photos to its name. (Because, of course, the girls aren’t actually traveling to all the places pictured in their feed. Sadly.) Being that they rely on follower-submitted photos, they receive hundreds of emails per day…which can be overwhelming.

Protip: The sisters like photos that show dedication (like taking donuts up to the Great Wall of China), and the food is the priority—if the scenery is gorgeous but the food is blurry, it’s a no-go. Focus on composition and creativity.

And if you’re a bigger fan of imbibing with the locals, check out the sister account, Drinks In The Air. Whether you’re eating or drinking, or just dreaming, both feeds are inspirational and will no doubt leave your stomach wanting more.