VR, Sex Juice, And Fembots: Chasing The Future Of Sex At The Adult Entertainment Expo


PLEASE NOTE: This piece contains some NSFW images and words.

About two hours into my day at the Adult Entertainment Expo, I’m almost knocked out by a t-shirt. At a booth advertising cam services — that’s cam models, not camera maintenance — adult entertainers and their producers, directors, and security guards are going wild, screaming “who wants some?” as they toss swag into the air with as much abandon as you could hope for at a porn convention.

“It’s a dildo!” A man next to me yells, pointing at the phallic projectile. And before someone else can cry “no, it’s Superman,” a shirt hits me in the head. It’s tightly rolled and bounces off my face, but I’m more surprised than hurt — though getting beaned with a large tube of anything at an adult industry event shouldn’t have shocked me. Before I can even lean down to grab the shirt for my own, though, a man scoops it up and speed walks away, smiling ear to ear, pleased with his ill-gotten booty.

I want to run after him — it’s my shirt! It hit me first! — but I’m not here for branded clothing. I’m at AEE, the adult industry’s biggest event, to find out the latest trends in the sex business. Is it robots? Soap amusingly shaped like an erect phallus ( suggested retail price: $20)? Or is virtual reality still the gold standard when it comes to “what happens next” in porn?

The answer is a little less sexy than you might expect. While VR is still king — everyone’s trying to get their business into the future — there’s another factor that more and more companies are focusing on: affordability. Because in this economy, not everyone can afford $7,000 for a Real Doll or a Sybian — a rideable sex saddle which will absolutely change your life but also comes with a $1,500 price tag before taxes or accessories.

As I wander from one vendor to another, pushing against a sea of photographers who have converged on a booth where an Asian woman in a bikini is rearranging herself, I’m invited to sit down on a couch next to three beautiful women at Crafty Fantasy.

The woman to my right, who is covering her face with a mask, is missing the entire lower half of her body. “Touch her breasts,” the booth attendant encourages me. “You can touch her pussy, too. It feels real.”