Watch A Giraffe Savagely Tap Dance All Over A Lion That Dared To Mess With Him

Twists rarely happen when you’re watching a nature documentary. When you sit down to enjoy Planet Earth II you don’t expect to pause and rewind while screaming at the most unexpected twist since The Red Wedding (it’s been years now, so if this was a spoiler, well…). And when David Attenborough tells you that a lion is about to eat a giraffe, you expect that lion to eat that giraffe, and you also expect to hum that “Circle of Life” song from The Lion King the entire time just so you can feel better about the gory death you’re watching.

That’s how it’s supposed to go. But in the following video, in which a lioness learns a very important lesson about messing with the world’s tallest living terrestrial animal. Just that description should have warned the lioness, but, you know, lions can’t read.

Check out the clip from Planet Earth II that has left the internet agog with its twist ending:

Anyone else feeling for that poor lioness? Attenborough is all “it’s up to her now” and she looks so ready and then here comes this random galumphing giraffe she was supposed to take down easily and it just bodyslams her into the air and shuffle-ball-steps all over her before shuffling along, its giant testicles whipping about in the hot wind. If she’s alive, she’s got to be at least embarrassed, right?

On Twitter, people were delighted with the fact that the underdog had finally won out:

And you thought Giraffes were friendly. Never underestimate those leaf-eating monsters again. They’ve got black tongues and even darker souls, okay?

(Via Mashable)