Exclusive Renderings Of The Good Burger Pop-Up Coming To LA In July


All That is back on Nickelodeon. And while you probably aren’t all that excited about a children’s sketch-comedy show from the 90s returning for a new generation, with its return comes a Good Burger pop-up in Los Angeles. If you grew up on Kenan, Kel, and orange soda this is about as big a deal as when we found out Kenan would be a regular on SNL — only better, because it’s food.

The LA Good Burger won’t open until July 10th, but tickets are already on sale and they’re going fast. If the popularity of the Saved by the Bell pop-up tribute — Saved by the Max — is any indication, expect spots to sell out quickly. Ahead of the opening, we got our hands on some exclusive renderings on what the place will look like, and it seems way more glamorous than the original set-design from the 90s.


While the 90s version looked unappetizing with its gray-tones and dingy atmosphere, probably as some Gen-X commentary on the sterility and emptiness of fast food, the pop-up’s design is full of color and isn’t a far cry from what you’d expect to find at a modern fast-casual burger joint. It’s a step up from the inside of a Wendy’s, looks a bit like a Five-Guys, minus all the f*cking peanuts, and certainly more welcoming than an In-N-Out or Shake Shack.

The design was done by multi-disciplinary artist Floyd A. Davis IV who states “The goal of the design is to create a connection between the nostalgic visual legacy of Good Burger’s iconic past forms, and the updated aesthetic of the new season of Nickelodeon’s All That.”


We’re going to say, at least based on these renderings, that Floyd nailed it. It looks like what Good Burger would probably look like in 2019, if it was a real restaurant. Only now it IS a real restaurant. Does it live up to its namesake? We’ll have to find out. Watch Keenan and Kel for a quick second then go reserve your spot.

Tickets for the Good Burger are on sale now, reserve your spot here.