Potterheads Now Have A Beer Fest Just For Them

Warner Brothers Pictures

For many of us, the Harry Potter series was a significant fixture of our childhoods that has extended well into our adult years. You’ve surely heard a friend or two casually drop some Latin that they picked up from the franchises’ spells, and you’ve probably thought about what knocking back a few butterbeers with Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe would be like. Well, now you can find out, thanks to Rock Star Beer Festivals — the company bringing a Potter-themed beer fest to several cities across the US. Emma and Daniel probably won’t be there, but if you get drunk enough any big-haired or be-speckled friend will do!

Dubbed — for legal purposes — the “Wizards and Witches Beer Festival,” attendees can expect to be treated to winter ales, pumpkin beers, special ciders, and of course, butterbeer. Unlike the books, this butterbeer has the added benefit of being infused with alcohol! It’s about time!

It wouldn’t be fit for Potterhead’s if the venues didn’t go the extra mile, so expect Harry Potter decor to transform the spaces into Potter-famous locations like Diagon Alley, the Leaky Cauldron, and Hogwart’s Great Hall. Attendees can also expect themed food, DJs, live music and photo opportunities all in a winter-at-Hogwarts theme. This was a major missed opportunity to get the Weird Sisters back together, but Jarvis Cocker and Jonny Greenwood are probably too busy.

If this sounds like your type of beer fest, move fast as tickets are selling out at a rapid pace. Currently, only the Seattle and Austin stops have available tickets, but Rock Star has announced that any new dates added will be announced on their Facebook page, so keep an eye out.