Hershey’s Redesigns Their Iconic Chocolate Bar For The First Time In 125 Years To Honor The Mighty Emoji


Emojis are a big deal. You use them all the time, sure, but being an adult shields you from understanding just how huge the things actually are. Kids, on the other hand, go f*cking nuts for them. Apesh*t. Which means marketers do too. Stickers, clothing, accessories, furniture, movies — you name it, emojis are everywhere. One day in the very near future, we will stop visibly reacting to stimuli altogether and simply reply to everything with faces like ? and ?. To do so, we’ll have to pay a multinational corporation a small sum or join a monthly subscription service.

We digress… the real question is: are emojis more addicting to children than candy or vape juice? It looks likely, because everyone’s favorite tool for phone-based emoting is soon to be engraved into America’s favorite chocolate bar. That’s right fellow youths: the Hershey Bar is going full pander.

For a limited time this summer, Hershey’s standard chocolate bar will feature 25 of the world’s most popular emojis engraved into the chocolate, one per square. It will be the first redesign of a Hershey’s bar in all of its 125 years of existence. All kneel before the true power of the emoji.

“By adding an emoji design to each pip of chocolate, we hope that parents and kids are inspired to share a chocolate emoji and make a connection with someone new,” Hershey’s senior brand manager Kriston Ohm told People magazine. How sweet, but considering the most popular emoji’s we can think of are the peach, the poop, and the eggplant it looks like things are about to get real suggestive. Also, does the conversation heart concept even work with chocolate?

Jokes aside, the emojis were voted on by both children and adults, with Ohm telling People “It turned out both generations favored the same 25 emojis.” We somehow doubt that. It looks like the ghost, the lips, and the crying laughter emojis are represented but what is up with the fist and the Spock-hand? Who is using those two ever?

The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Emoji Bar will be available this summer while supplies last.