These Photos Will Make You Want To Climb Aboard Holy Ship! For An Adventure

01.17.18 1 year ago 3 Comments

Holy Ship! is the Love Boat, reimagined with lasers and body paint. There is definitely something “exciting and new” about everything you will see on the ship (and you will see it all!) and everyone genuinely loves everyone else. If you’re into chilling on a beautiful beach, sleeping in, and getting some quiet time while you see a couple shows, this ain’t the ship for you. It’s a party and it’s straight fire.

You will dock on a gorgeous private island, but you definitely should not expect to get rest. Instead, you should plan on hitting up the buffets as a necessary resort to rid yourself of your hangover. As far as shows, you can catch any of your favorite EDM artists’ walking past the pool deck or any of the larger rooms on the giant Norwegian Cruise Line Epic ship, and if you want to sleep in and end up missing the afternoon shows, you can still catch the nighttime shows right up to the “sunrise sermon” that starts at 5 a.m.

Point being: Quiet time is almost nonexistent but it is also non-necessary because you will be more interested in meeting the amazing people on board — your “Ship Fam,” who want nothing more than to get to know you, make sure you’re having a good time, and make you feel like you’ve got a place to belong.

Check these pics and start planning your next adventure! Some photos are slightly NSFW.

Joseph Llanes

Joseph Llanes

Joseph Llanes

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