A Tour Of Iconic Horror Movie Locations You Can Visit This Halloween


What, oh, what to do this Halloween? There’s surely going to be the usual drunken bar parties with their sloppy costume contests. Those with kids will be saddled with trick-or-treating. Some of us will sit at home and marathon scary movies or TV. Others will go to haunted houses.

Why not do something a little more spectacular this All Hallow’s Eve? Something like hitting up a location from one of your favorite horror movies. A place to go and be creeped out — soaking in the vibes of a place that brought so much fear into the world.

To help you in this endeavor, we’ve compiled a list of some of the locations around America from our favorite classic horror movies. These terror-inducing spots are spread out all over the country, so you might want to book a flight soon. Or just check out a spot near you. Either way, hitting up a location from a great horror film is a great way to spend Halloween.