Jolt Is Making A Comeback Which Means We’ve Hit Peak ’80s Revival

Long before Red Bull was a gleam in a marketing director’s eye, back in the ’80s, those who wanted a sugary caffeine fix had Jolt Cola, the soft drink which boasted “all of the sugar and twice the caffeine.” The company stopped production of Jolt in the mid-aughts after an ill-advised line of “battery bottles,” but because you can’t swing a Bop-It these days without hitting another ’80s product revival — Jolt is coming back, bitches!

Starting September 21, Jolt will be sold exclusively at Dollar General stores, which seems kind of fitting, in 16 ounce cans for $1 each. Jolt’s new spokeswoman Kathryn Lyons said of the comeback news:

Helping guide Jolt Cola’s resurgence in America is an exciting and challenging opportunity. This much-beloved brand embraces its market position as America’s first carbonated energy cola. Connecting Jolt to a whole new generation of energy drink consumers will be exhilarating.

Jolt Cola joins ’80s and ’90s beverage brands such as Zima, Surge, Clearly Canadian, and Crystal Pepsi, which have all made comebacks in recent years. For those not lucky enough to remember Jolt’s original run, please allow me to direct your eyes to the below 1980s “won’t somebody think of the children” news report as Americans first began to wrap their heads around a high-sugar, high-caffeine soda.

(Via Grubstreet)