KFC’s Fried Chicken Sunscreen Is Not A Joke And Is Also Not Edible

KFC is not afraid of being weird. They’ve already brought new meaning to their signature phrase, “Finger Lickin’ Good” with their line of edible nail polish. There was that tweet that was so NSFW it was deleted almost immediately. And can we talk about the number of different Colonel Sanders the company has gone through in the past year?

It’s no surprise that KFC is back in the news yet again — and, yet again, for a head-scratching product offering: Extra Crispy Sunscreen.

Yeah, that’s right. It’s actual, working sunscreen that smells like fried chicken. Because we all want that Cosmo Kramer buttery aroma…don’t we?

The product is a limited-time, free offering — or rather, it was. Because apparently consumers snapped the Extra Crispy Sunscreen up like it was a family-sized tub of Original Recipe thighs and wings. No word on how many tubes KFC made, but, according to the Extra Crispy Sunscreen website, every single last one of them has been claimed.

The website, though, is still a fantastic memento of corporations dropping jokes to make points with “youths” — with testimonials from deeply tanned customers, a graphic behind the science of the sunscreen, and an infomercial-style video. There’s even a “Side Effects” section, that warns potential users (sigh) that the product will make them smell like fried chicken, and also, the stuff is definitely not edible, so don’t even try it.
We’re all too late on this one, but we can at least take a cue from Kramer and try the next best thing: basting ourselves in butter for that extra crispy glow. Check out the promo video below: