This Hotel’s Social Network Aims To Protect Solo Travelers From Loneliness


When you travel alone, things can get pretty lonely. All the amazing drinks, meals, and sites you take in won’t give you that sweet injection of social bliss that a single good chat will. In a disconnected world, connection matters more than ever. But, difficulties with language, conflicts of culture, safety concerns, and inability to navigate a new place all serve as very real barriers to interactions on the road. And if you are shy or a total introvert, striking up a conversation can be an impossible task without even factoring in other anxieties.

Life House hotels, a millennial-facing brand and the first to be fully backed by Silicon Valley, is hitting the scene, and they are looking to address the difficulties of being social during solo travel. To do so, they’re bringing more to the table than the open-concept common areas, free beer hours, and on-site activities that most brands offer. They’re rolling out a social network.

Still in beta, the hotel’s app aims to connect guests of the hotel not only with one another but also with thoroughly vetted members of the local community. Once connections are made, it becomes really easy to meet up with other guests for a trip to a Tiki bar or find a cool part of town that a local recommended. For people with gaps in their itineraries, this becomes a great way to fill them.

The tech-centric brand just went live, and the first location will open in Miami’s Little Havana this December. A second location in South Beach is set to launch in April 2019. If you’re interested in Florida travel and in socializing in an entirely new way during your stay, the time to make plans is now. If not, hold tight, as they intend to open 20 more properties by the close of next year.

Life House properties is all about their innovative social network but the designs are retro — with vintage furnishings, mid-century art, and design nods to the community in which they are located. And there will always be a room option that’s less than $150 a night. We can get behind that.