Humanitarian Lindsay Lohan Will Supply Energy Drinks To Syrian Refugees

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It seems as though Lindsay Lohan has been acting strangely… mature lately? Back in June the Mean Girls star live-tweeted the UK’s Brexit decision, recently took some time to visit Syrian refugee camps, and even had a sophisticated response when Donald Trump’s crude comments about her resurfaced in an old Howard Stern interview. (She also just opened an Athens, Greece nightclub called “Lohan” with a Greek restaurateur she may or may not be romantically involved with, so we’ll just chalk it up to “baby steps.”)

Now Lohan is taking her humanitarian efforts one step further by partnering with a German “blue caffeine lemonade” energy drink called “Mintanine” (also served at her nightclub) which she plans to provide to refugee camps, according to Page Six.

“There’s hardly food, water or anything,” else at the camp, explained a source close to LiLo, “so at this point sending anything is helpful.” We guess so? “This is all part of Lindsay’s mission to help refugees,” the source explained.

Mintanine is described as being “Blue tastes woohoo!” on the product website and boasts that it does not contain synthetic flavors or caffeine, taurin, aspartam, inosit, but instead natural guarana.”

It’s easy enough to goof on Lohan, but hey, at least she’s trying to help, albeit in her peculiar, slightly misguided, Lindsay Lohan way. She has also been posting photos of her humanitarian work on Instagram, which — let’s face it — Mother Teresa would probably also do if she were alive today. It’s a digital world we live in!

(Via Page Six)