This Photographer Ditched His Finance Job After Taking Pictures Of Hurricane Sandy

03.07.17 2 years ago

Max Taylor was following a traditional path in NYC’s financial sector when everything changed. Hurricane Sandy shut down the city, causing him to look at the world around him with fresh eyes. In the desolation, he also saw New York’s beauty, and quickly decided he wanted to capture what he saw on film. It was a cataclysmic moment — when a life of art won out over a life of comfort. It wasn’t long before decided to take his talents on the road, traveling the world, taking amazing photos.

Taylor has only been a professional photographer for a few years, but you’d never know it. His work feels polished and professional, but still fresh, vital, and unique. Each picture reverberates with youthful energy, a love for the world, that makes us want to plunge the bustling chaos of this confused, wild life.

This week, Max was kind enough to share his photos with us while discussing his love of photography, travel, and the art of creating captivating stories out of a single image.

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