McDonald’s Green Burger Is A Truly Terrible Idea

On the list of things I don’t want to think about while eating a fast food burger, recieving a bun that’s more mold than bread is pretty high up there. But that’s exactly what McDonald’s restaurants throughout China have done with their latest sandwich and Angry Birds movie tie-in, the “Naughty Green Pork Burger.”

Modeled after the Bad Piggy from Angry Birds, the sandwich includes “a pork patty, an egg, lettuce, a mysterious sauce with a hint of jalapeños, and the notorious green buns” according to That’s. Even knowing that a McDonald’s bun would have to be older than the Sun to ever get that moldy, it’s a bold move to immmediately remind your customers of something spoiled every time they buy your product.

Of course, there’s more than one character in Angry Birds, we all note the plural. So there are other sandwiches that actually don’t look half bad. For example, the Angry Red Burger is just a double chicken sandwich on red buns.

McDonald’s isn’t steering into the unappetizing-looking burger skid on this side of the world. They’ve actually been making serious efforts to improve their menu , switching over to fresh beef patties and causing fans to go ape with their test launch of garlic fries. But if you’re still too much of a snoot to step into Mickey D’s, check out our list of burgers you have to try.

(Via Grub Street and That’s)