The 11 Most Ridiculous Burgers You Need To Eat Right Now

Burgers are a major part of the American food experience. That’s why McDonald’s is so popular and why the mere mention of In-N-Out will send some people into literal convulsions of pleasure, followed immediately by a heartfelt explanation of why a Double Double will change your life and make you a better person.

But there’s more to hamburgers than just Big Macs, Whoppers, and Baconators. In fact, some people are taking the burgers you know and love and elevating them to heart-stopping and dizzying (the feeling you get when you’ve finished a burger from Big Kahuna) heights none of us ever thought possible. Want to know more? Check out the video above, but make sure you don’t do it while you’re hungry — because these monstrous creations will make you crave them more than anything else in your life (including a stable job and a consistent source of wi-fi).

Remember: It’s cheating if you use a fork, so if you’re gonna go out and try one (or all 11) of these things, bring a moist towelette, a stretcher, and a witness to make sure you’re eating safely. Whether you choose to operate heavy machinery after stuffing your face is up to you, but we certainly wouldn’t recommend it for at least 12 hours!