Grammy-Nominated Italian DJ Trio Meduza Shares A Travel Guide To Milan, Italy

When I think of Milan, Italy, thoughts of luxury couture and beautiful neoclassical architecture come to mind first. In addition to the city’s booming fashion industry (Fashion Week is traditionally held here twice a year), Milan is also home to a thriving music scene. In fact, this bustling metropolis is where Grammy-nominated electronic music act, Meduza — comprised of Luca de Gregorio, Mattia Vitale, and Simone Giani — were born and eventually started their careers as DJ-producers.

As was the case with many artists in 2020, the onslaught of COVID-19 forced the trio to push pause on performing live shows. With concerts on hiatus, Meduza locked themselves in the studio, then revealed their next global hit “Paradise” featuring Dermot Kennedy, which debuted last October.

Eight months later, the guys are back with a new euphoric earworm aptly called, “Headrush” featuring Elroii, which dips its toes in everything a house head like me loves about the genre: tantalizing deep basslines riddled with plenty of punchy synths. It’s a whole vibe that’s right on time for the return of the festival season.

As the Meduza crew gets ready to hit the road again, I called them up to learn about their beloved home city of Milan. Now that the EU has opened its borders to Americans officially, I am thrilled to take this guide to Milan along with me when I finally travel abroad again this year!


In what fun way is Milan different from any other city on the globe?

Milan is our home city and the place where we were born. It will always have a special meaning for us. It’s where the greatest football team in the world play, AC Milan. It’s the center for fashion with all the fashion houses and we have (what we think anyway) the best cathedral in the center of a city, Duomo di Milano.

Where is your favorite place to eat in Milan? What’s so unique about it?

Angolo D’Abruzzo da Giannino is our favorite Milanese restaurant ever. It’s an old little Italian trattoria with the typical red and white tablecloth. Here, you can live a real Italian atmosphere with some typical dishes like pasta, Italian appetizers like ham, olive and mozzarella and the king of the table: the arrosticino. Arrosticinis is a typical skewer with lamb. Delicious!

Usually, during the dinner, a fisa and trumpet duo [are] playing some Italian melodies like “O Sole Mio” and you can sing in a very funny and familiar vibe.

At the end of the dinner, the Angolo d’Abruzzo’s boss puts a free selection of Italian liquors on your table and you can drink what and how much you want…after this it’s better if you don’t try to drive a car. Remember to book your seat because it’s always almost full!

When I think of Milan, I immediately think of high fashion. What’s the street style like in Milan?

Via Montenapoleone and Via Della Spiga are the best streets of high fashion. There you can find all the best Italian and worldwide fashion brand shops and few times a year — during the Fashion Weeks — all the parties and fashion shows with the VIP guests.

Speaking of fashion, what are some shops you like to frequent for your wardrobe?

We like classic Italian fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Moschino, and a real maestro of shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti.

Italy is absolutely beautiful. Each city has its own distinctive, noteworthy sites. What are a few of the hidden gems of Milan? Why do you appreciate those places?

One of our favorite places in Milan is the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi. It’s an old monastery in the center of Milan (near Duomo di Milano) that since 1900 became a music school and a venue for classical concerts. There’s a very intimate atmosphere and it’s a characteristic place because you can live in a moment of quiet listening to good music in a center of a chaotic city like Milan.

We spent a lot of time there in our past because it was one of our schools when we were children.

Another gem that we recommend is Idroscalo Lake. Unfortunately, Milan has not a sea but has this little artificial lake. Around it, there is a lot of greenery and you can do a lot of sports activities like kite surfing and more.

What is some advice you would give burgeoning DJs when it comes to touring the world?

We are lucky because our passion became a job and during this amazing job we can see [that] the world is beautiful. Sometimes it’s possible to see a few DJs living this dream with a lot of tension and the wrong spirit. Relax! You are doing one of the best jobs in the world! Have fun and live every second that life gives you.