Michelle Obama Scores Barack Obama As The First Guest On Her Podcast

Last week Michelle Obama announced that she would be launching her own podcast to stream exclusively on Spotify. It’s to be called Higher Ground: The Michelle Obama Podcast, which (unsurprisingly) has us psyched — it’s Michelle Obama! She’s great! — and for her first guest, she’s snagged a pretty high-profile personality. Her husband, former President of the United States Barack Obama.

Honestly, Michelle could’ve chosen anyone as her first guest and we would’ve been just as excited, but giving us the chance to hear her chopping it up with Barack feels especially satisfying. It probably won’t be as juicy as Will and Jada’s Red Table Talk, but folks are definitely eager to find out. According to Deadline, in the debut episode which is set to air on July 29th, Michelle and Barack dive into an intimate conversation that covers community, their love for each other, and their respective journeys after leaving the White House

“Given everything that’s going on right now, from the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the ongoing protests and conversations that are testing our patience — and our consciences… not to mention all the challenges we’re experiencing due to the pandemic, I think that these days, a lot of people are questioning just where and how they can fit into a community,” begins the first episode, according to a preview obtained by Deadline.

While we’re sure anyone would jump at the chance to chat with Michelle Obama, it’s looking like most of her guests for this first season will be people she’s close to on a personal level. “I’m so excited to kick off my podcast on Wednesday — with Barack as my first guest!” writes Michelle on an Instagram post,

“Throughout this first season, I’ll be having more conversations like this one with the people closest to me… I’ll be having more conversations like this one with the people closest to me. My mother and brother stop by, as does my friend and mentor, Valerie Jarrett. You’ll also hear from many of my girlfriends, the women who’ve always been there with a shoulder to lean on, a perspective to think about, or simply an open line to vent to. In this time of social distancing, it’s more important than ever to invest in the relationships that make us who we are.”

Stream the Michelle Obama Podcast on Spotify beginning July 29th.