Mushroom Dust Might Actually Help Us All Fight Sugar Addiction

Sugar Mushroom Dust

When it comes to trying to eat healthy in the year 2016, the struggle is all too real.

No matter how many times we purge our pantries of junk food or how many celebrity juice cleanses we try, avoiding all of the tasty foods that are actually terrible for us is a major challenge. But why? Why is it so hard to steer clear of that box of Dunkin Donuts treats your co-worker brought into the office this morning or tell your Starbucks barista that no, you don’t want to make your frappuccino a venti?

Sugar, that’s why.

Sugar is a soluble carbohydrate added to foods to make them more flavorful. It’s also the spice of the devil and it’s killing the citizens of our great nation.

Luckily, a group of super science geniuses have organized, put their above-average brains together and come up with a way for half our population to not develop diabetes in their lifetime. Let us now introduce you to something called mushroom dust.

A Colorado start-up has discovered a way to use mushrooms to mask the bitter flavors in food, thus eliminating the need for so much added sugar in the things we eat. Here’s how it works: researchers collect mycelium, which is part of the root system the fungi grows out of, dry it, crush it and then add it into products as they’re being processed.

Apparently, the molecules attach themselves to taste buds on the tongue just long enough to mask any bitter flavors.

MycoTechnolgy, the company behind the revolutionary find, thinks the dust could be used in place of sugar additives like high fructose corn syrup, effectively changing the entire food industry — for the better. So far the company’s only tested mushroom dust on things like yogurt and fruit cups but they say results have been more than promising.

Sorry sugar, mushroom dust is here and it’s ready to kick your a**.

(Via Grubstreet)