This $100 Order Of Chicken And Waffles Is Calling To You On National Fried Chicken Day

Life & Culture Editor
07.05.17 9 Comments

Elle Radan

Nobody goes to Vegas to make decisions that they’re proud of. Sure, you may jet in with the best of intentions — a fancy dinner maybe; a cirque show and then bed — but once you hit your first slot machine in the airport just to get the weekend rolling (which is good, because the airport machines are a scam) you’re well on your way to a weekend that starts with alcoholic milkshakes and ends with the possibility of you trying to bury an assasin’s body in the desert. Hey, what happens in Vegas…you know the rest.

The point here is that Vegas is all about excess: They’ve got a snow room that makes bubbles at one of the spas, there’s a restaurant where the wine has to be collected from the top of a four-story tower by a somersaulting woman in a harness, and you can get drunk on a ferris wheel (which is actually very cool and not that scary, considering). In short, Vegas was the perfect place to take our $100 challenge. You’ve already seen what $100 avocado toast looks like, now, gaze upon the sin of gluttony in its physical form — an order of chicken and waffles that’ll cost you a portrait of a frowning Benjamin Franklin.

This National Fried Chicken Day (July 6!) you’ve got to drop what you’re doing and cruise into Yardbird Southern Kitchen, where we bet (sorry) you’ll be glad you dropped a hundo on this and not the roulette table.

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