The Comprehensive List of National Pepperoni Pizza Day Deals


Few joys in life rival the heart melting, world-unifying power of pizza. Think about it, have you ever heard anyone utter: “You know pizza just isn’t my thing?” Of course you haven’t, because nearly everyone gets pizza. Vegetarians, vegans, meat-lovers, pescatarians, celiacs, sugar avoiders, sportos, motorheads, geeks, bloods wasteoids, dweebies, dickheads; they all adore it. They think it’s a righteous food. We invent ways – like making the crust from cauliflower – to circumvent customs and make pizza available for all. If we could all just focus on our pizza affection instead of our differences, the world would unquestionably be a better place.

Which is why today, National Pepperoni Pizza Day, should be considered a bank holiday – and not just because you can totally make some dough by eating pizza. Each year, we consume 251.7 million pounds of America’s favorite pizza topping. Frankly, we’re a little disappointed. That’s just over one pound of pepperoni per adult. We can do better than that, right?

We all have our favorite spots, these National Pepperoni Day Deals, however, are good places to start to hit that single-topping* fix that comes with the start of football season.

*Cheese and tomato sauce do not count as toppings. There’s no argument; no matter how you slice it.

Aubree’s Pizza

This Michigan chain has a social media Pepperoni Day contest. Our team definitely won’t be refreshing their Twitter profile every 45 seconds. Nope.

Auntie Anne’s

Pepperoni pretzel? Yes please! You can no longer sign up for their Perks program but we just thought this was awesome.

Brixx Woodfire Pizza

Brixx is valiantly keeping their Southeastern locations open post-Hurricane Florence so while they may not have a Pepperoni Day deal, you can pick up a half priced bottle of wine every Sunday during football season.

Carbone’s Pizzeria

For those in Minnesota, Carbone’s is pumped about Nat’l Pepperoni Pizza Day. One large pepperoni pizza: $10.


Leave it to Cici’s to make with the value. Get a medium pepperoni pizza on to-go orders for $3.99 with their coupon. Limit three per coupon.


Dom’s went big, opting for a weeklong event when you carry-out after ordering by phone, in-store or online: Get large two-topping carryout pizzas each for $5.99.

Freshslice Pizza

The Vancouver, BC pizza chain is going hard into the paint with any size pepperoni pizza for HALF PRICE when ordering online for pickup. Oh, Canada!

Hot Box Pizza

Someone over there is hot boxing because they’re letting customers walk away with up to 5 large pepperoni pizzas for $9 each.

Hungry Howie’s

We learned in school that Hungry Howie’s is a deal for just existing. Code HHP1 gets you a medium 2-topping pizza and Howie bread.

Little Ceasar’s

Why celebrate just one meat? Pizza Pizza has for $9 it’s Hot-n-Ready Five Meat Fest Pie between 4pm and 8pm.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s doesn’t have a Pepperoni Day Deal FOR SHAME!!! Rumor has it, though, that certain locations are going rogue to offer $5 carryout-only large pepperoni pizzas.

Pizza Hut

A true tribute to the day at hand! Get a $1 medium pepperoni pizza with the order of any large pizza using the code PEPPERONI2018.

PT’s Tavern

Those in Nevada have PT’s pepperoni flatbread on offer for $8 if the ‘knead’ for pizza arises.

Russo’s New York Pizza

The New York style Pizzeria chain is offering a large pepperoni pizza for $10 on Thursday at participating locations. Dine-in or take out only.

Urban Bricks

While it couldn’t be confirmed for all of the mostly-Texas locations, the Lubbock store is doing $4 pepperoni pies all day. So if you live near one of the other 29 locations, maybe call ahead? may have missed any deals hanging out on the outer crust of the internet, so check with your local favorite pizza spot. We’ll also update this list throughout the day. If somehow you can’t snag one this time, National Sausage Pizza Day is right around the corner on October 11th.