The Newest M&M’s Flavor Is Here To Immediately Derail Your Diet Resolutions

It’s a new year, and with it comes ill-fated resolutions to eat healthy, poised in direct opposition to reality, which offers up a bounty of one dollar chili cheese coney dogs, Oreo candy bars, Dunkin’ Donuts vanilla latte Pop Tarts, sugar cookie flavored Pringles, and new M&M flavors. Goodbye, diet. We hardly knew ye. Never really wanted to anyway. Good riddance, ya frikkin’ buzz kill. We have M&M’s to snarf.

Confectionery giant Mars is starting the year off right with a Valentine’s Day themed limited edition flavor, white cheesecake, which is already on shelves at Walmart, as spotted by Robbie, a reader of The Impulsive Buy:

The new flavor comes in pink and white hues with a cheesecake flavored filling. Let’s get fat.

The white cheesecake M&M’s will join the ranks of other limited edition flavors like butterbeer, candy corn, pumpkin spice, birthday cake, and pecan pie. White cheesecake M&M’s will be available at Walmart until Valentine’s Day alongside the permanent M&M flavors chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut, almond, peanut butter, pretzel, crispy, mint, the new long-term addition coffee nut, and a potential new favorite that will be destroying remaining diet resolutions this May: caramel.

(Via The Impulsive Buy & That’s Nerdalicious)