Oregon Has Collected An Enormous Amount Of Tax Revenue Since Legalizing Weed


It’s not exactly breaking news anymore that legalizing weed brings in money. But the amounts are still staggering. For example, the first six months of legalized recreational marijuana use in Oregon brought in $25.5 million in revenue for the state.

According to the Oregon Department of Revenue, there was $102 million worth of pot sales in the state from Jan. 1-July 1. That’s astounding when you consider that Oregon’s total population is just a hair under four million people and the relative cheapness of their green. And the numbers are even more impressive when you factor in the way that marijuana sales were rolled out. Though marijuana sales became legal at the beginning of the year, the sale of edibles wasn’t allowed in the state until June. And they’re expecting a big bump from people who would rather eat their weed.

“We know some people would embrace them because they don’t like smoking, for example, so it would be an easier thing to go to,” Oregon Office of Legislative Revenue economist Mazen Malik told The Oregonian. “Others would just want to try them because they are new and different and they want to see how they work.”

States who have been at it a bit longer have shown numerous ways that money could be put to good use: whether it’s fighting homelessness or sending kids to college. The future is here, and it’s dank.

(Via Oregon Live)