A Tour Of All The Food Bourdain Ate In LA On The ‘Parts Unknown’ Premier

“How ‘American’ are Chicanos? How Mexican for that matter? How Mexican is California? We thought we’d bumble around with cameras and ask questions like that, partaking of many of the good things within that very large, vital part of Southern California and America as a whole.”

– Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown: Los Angeles

Season nine of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown kicked off last night with a trip to Los Angeles. Last time Bourdain was in the City of Angels, he focused on all things Korean. This time around, the episode took a deep dive into the Mexican and Chicano cultures that help make L.A.’s food, art, and cultural scenes such a unique part of the American zeitgeist.

Below are all the stops Bourdain and his guides uncovered in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, La Reyna — where Bourdain met photographer Estevan Oriol and grafitti artist Mister Cartoon — seems to be permanently closed now, so we didn’t didn’t bother tantalizing with it.


Chef Ray Garcia’s Broken Spanish is a wonderland of Mexican-inspired dishes served in fascinating and ultra-modern ways. The menu is Pan-Mexican fusion — with dishes like Pan Dulce with Foie Gras and Okinawan Pork Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.