Pokimane’s Inane Cookie Drama — An Explainer & Taste Test

If you’ve spent any time on social media or YouTube over the past few days, you’re probably well aware that people are incredibly angry at Pokimane and her new cookie brand Myna Snacks. A streamer dropping a cookie brand shouldn’t illicit this much internet chatter and hate but it’s late 2023 and, well, here we are. The cookie drama is at your doorstep.

If you’re not caught up to speed let us fill you in as quickly as we can — trust us, this is the quickest possible summary — and then we’ll get to whether these cookies are even any good:

Popular social media personality, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber Imane Anys, more popularly known as Pokimane, launched a new brand of gluten-free cookies this month and almost instantly people on the internet threw a f*cking fit. There are a lot of levels to this “controversy,” if you want to call it that (that’s what the internet is calling it, so I guess we will too).

Controversy #1 — The Price Point


Pokimane announced her new snack brand, Myna, on November 13. Myna would offer a “healthy snack alternative” cookie that is gluten-free, made with non-GMO ingredients, and fortified with vitamin D.

Okay, all good so far. As of the launch, the cookies are not currently sold in stores but instead on the Myna website in 4-pack, 8-pack, or 12-pack options. The smallest size is $28, so $7 a bag. Sounds good right, wait no? Wrong? I’m Wrong? What’s the issue here?

A lot of people weren’t happy with this price point. That’s… fair. If you don’t think $7 for a 4oz bag of gluten-free cookies is worth it that’s definitely an opinion you can have, but it’s not that far off from other gluten-free snacks.

Are there cheaper gluten-free snacks? Yes. Are there more expensive gluten-free snacks? Yes. Do you have the free will to just, you know, not buy these cookies if you think they’re too expensive? Yes. How is this a thing anyone cares about?

Controversy # 2 — Are These Cookies Just A Rebrand?

After way too many people got all worked up over the price of these cookies, someone discovered that the cookies bore a resemblance to another snack, Toatzy’s similarly named Midnight Cookies, which share a look, form factor, and nutritional facts (except for the vitamin D).

This is where the controversy becomes especially stupid. It turns out that the reason Toatzy’s Midnight Mini Cookies and Myna’s Midnight Cookies are so similar is that both products are made by the same food company, Creation Foods.

Pokimane addressed how the two products were related on her Twitter account writing:

The batch of Myna cookies we’re currently shipping were made 3 weeks ago… The cookies they are being compared to were also made by our manufacturer, Creation Foods, which specializes in healthy food. The compared cookies had one test batch sold before they were retired. Months later, we partnered with Creation Foods and fell in love with the flavor profile of the midnight cookie. We then decided to work together to refine and improve the formula, and we’re really happy with the final product.

So the Toatzy cookies in question aren’t even on the market anymore. Hating Poki’s cookies for being similar is just silly. Does Pokimane’s alterations justify a price hike for what is essentially a similar product? Debatable. Though adding vitamin D does justify at least…?

How much does vitamin D cost in bulk? Ten dollars?

Again, if you think these cookies are too expensive, just don’t buy them.

Controversy # 3 — Pokimane’s Response To The Criticism

As if things couldn’t get any more obnoxious in this “controversy,” everything was taken to a new level when Pokimane responded to a chatter in her stream to those complaining about the cost of Myna Snacks.

“When people are like, ‘Oh my god, $28 for cookies.’ It’s four bags. That’s $7 a bag. I know I know math is hard when you’re an idiot, but like, if you’re a broke boy just say so.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point but, sh*t exploded after this. Twitter accounts, TikToks, and entire f*cking YouTube videos were made about this interaction, scolding Pokimane for being mean to her community. Pokimane responded to the backlash:

“While what I said was 100% intended to be a joke, I see why it came off as insensitive and I apologize for that. I also understand the current price of the cookies may be expensive for some, and promise we’ll continue to consider pricing to keep Myna as affordable as possible.”

Adding that her comment was towards “ONE rude chatter,” and was not a general statement towards her community.

Do you agree with the way Pokimane responded? Who f*cking cares. If you’ve spent any time watching streamers, you’ll know that chats are a toxic environment. She probably could’ve handled this situation better, but also people shouldn’t be so sensitive about such a non-issue. We’ve mentioned this a few times but…

If you don’t want to support Pokimane or buy her cookies. Don’t.

I’m so tired of talking about these cookies because all I want to know is… are they any good? So I paid all $28 dollars for a four-pack just so I could answer that question for you. Let’s eat some damn cookies and pretend this all never happened.

Myna Cookies Taste Test

Pokiman Cookie
Dane Rivera

Tasting Notes & Thoughts

I like ‘em. Given all the drama that surrounds these cookies, it’s a little hard to taste them without being underwhelmed but obviously, that’s not Myna Snacks or Pokimane’s fault. Tasting these cookies makes all the controversy seem even more ridiculous.

The closest comparison I can make to a cookie you’ve probably had before is Oreos. The Midnight Cookies have that dark cocoa semi-bitter flavor that is characteristic of the cookie portion of an Oreo, but not nearly as sweet.

Pokiman Cookie
Dane Rivera

The cookie does have little chips of a cream-like substance in them, but the ratio of “cream” to cookie leans heavily on the cookie side, so it doesn’t have the intense creamy sweetness that the Oreo filling has and offers a different enough experience to warrant their existence. That’s something!

The aftertaste has a slight hint of salt, and the overall texture is typical of what you’d get out of a gluten-free cookie. It begins crisp but has a sort of soft almost soggy quality once it mixes with your saliva. It tastes, as you might expect, like a pretty good gluten-free cookie.

Whether you like this more or less than an Oreo depends on what you’re looking for, but if you’re ever offered a handful of Midnight Cookies, we say, take em!

The Bottom Line:

If you like Pokimane, are looking to support her, and live on a gluten-free diet, get the cookies. If these cookies are too expensive for you, don’t buy them. If you’re mad about her response to the backlash, don’t buy them.

Overall, they’re pretty good but completely inessential. Like, you know, this entire “controversy” itself.

Buy a box of Myna here.